pre-exhibition update

small update. only a day or two left untill all the exhibition goodness kicks off.

did`nt get past the dare interview. no big loss.

despite that, someone approached me to create pixel album art for their chiptune based LP 🙂

and some of my work was used on the abertay website for a news story about the exhibition. as you can see here,9822,en.html

here’s a picture of the space so far


it`s ever changing as we speak. my names been put up at the top with a big banner, my college dave has stuck up some shiny, attention grabbing vinyls.

found a good use for the patriot mega drive box. using it to house my business cards, since the cart slot is roughly the same size.

found out unfortunately we weren’t supposed to use our university email address, but I can always set up a redirect if need be. the card has a link to my site which has my contact details regardless.

so yeah, this weekend should be a blast 😀


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