week 9 semester 2

since ei`m being so highly productive lately, I`m going to have a blog post at the very start of the week. shockingly i actually have some new content to show this early in the week.

I did two more animated storyboards for bit.cops.

in this room, enemies get crushed by a cargo container. it`s brutal.

and the animation for room 4. the bottom cop will be stealthily barbecuing the baddies up top using the explosive barrels.

I`ve also been giving my business card some thought. I grabbed some from around dundee, here`s the ones i liked.

there’s a sprite text on one of them which is surprisingly, readable. a nice surprise after expressing my disdain for retro fonts.

I made myself some quick mock-up examples. since the Mii character has been redrawn, i`m technically allowed to use it on my stuff.

I like bright green.

funny story, that`s the only URL available for this blog :S none of my names or nicknames are available. I`ll need to assess whetever i should put it on a card or not.

I did another sprite-ish version of the Mii too. not so keen on how it came out though.

I could have a card, which is one side retro, and the other side HD. need to give it some though. would also like to wait untill patriot is done so I have more things to put on it.

I also made revisions of the cops title cards. for political correctness`s sake. and it makes it more readable, then having a five-part name.

speaking of bit.cops, I actually managed to edit the various level playthroughs together. turns out the alpha,cropping,overlay nonsense was`nt so hard. it just takes ages in video editing software. but I can get a room done per day, so that`s a good pace to be keeping.

a week or two ago, there was a demo of our dacii game in uni 😀 there were representatives from st.andrews trying it out

the top screen was`nt in 3D for this exhibition. probably for the best.

not much progress on the dissertation or coding front. did get some new songs, got three for bit.cops thus. ideally will have 9 by the end. a song per room. but patriot does have some new art! observe!

this is the background in the second level. it`s goign to be a coral cave with falling platforms, tartan spiders and mushrooms that change function depending on what mode the player is in. if they are in retro mode, they will behave bouncy and propel the player to where they need to go. if they jump on it in realistic mode, it`ll squash much like a real mushroom would.

that`s all for now. ideally i`ll have the bulk of bit.cops video stuff done and a little more coding done by weeks end.


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