week 2 activity

for *tomorrow* i`ve got to develop a project aim, break it down into core objectives and make a personal statement.

quite a tall order,i`ll start with the easy stuff. personal statement.

Inspiration and Interests
Discuss what it is that inspires and interests you, and what type of creative project you would like to undertake for your honours year. Consider the work of other computer artists, designers, and musicians, as well as creative works such as animations, films, games, interactive media etc. What type of product or performance would you like to show case at the end of the honours year?————————-

Retro games and their unique aesthetics inspire me. i`m greatly interested in the creative process behind low resolution graphics. ideally i would love to work on a creative project involving retro game graphics and a vintage genre such as scrolling beat em up,platformer or `schmup`

for my show case i`d the final piece to be an interactive game for people to enjoy and reflect on what retro games are to them.

Career and Creative Aims
Discuss what type of career you would like to pursue, if any. For instance, you may be specifically interested in a role as a character animator or in the animation industry more broadly.———————–

typically anything involving 2D artwork. sprite work is a big passion of mine, but i`m confortable with other elements of 2D visuals such as character animation, environment design, cut scenes and user interface design.

Current Skills and Abilities
List and describe your current skills and abilities. This can include traditional art, design, and musical skills, as well as skill levels with computer packages such as 3DS Max and Photoshop.————–

traditional art obviously, i use at the fundamentals for mostly everything i create. i`m extremely proficient in photoshop and quite adept in flash. I have a fair grasp of 3D software like maya and max. i use a lot of video software, most recently sony vegas.

Skill Gaps
Following on from the previous section, list and describe the skills and abilities you would like to acquire and/or develop.———–

obviously i`d like to develop a finer understanding of low resolution artwork, but generally strengthen my 2D skills in all areas. game creation typically involves using all the aforementioned skills.

Pretty waffletastic but I assume i`ll be coming back to revise it in the future for my final project pitch.

research question

why are retro visuals not used more in contemporary development

project aim

the research aims to discover the appeal of retro visuals to players and spectators.

okay,i hope some of that makes sense, now as you can see below I made an illustration to show the objectives and methods.

ack it`s probably riddled with typos which I cant brainlessly spellcheck inside photoshop

and last but not least, a little preview of the pixel work.

animated.compressed as usual, imagine there’s text at the bottom and a level in the background.


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