Ludum Dare gamejam day 1

reposted from the ludumdare gamejam here

a competition of sorts me and others from previously mentioned team tartan paint are entering, the goal is create a strategy game in 7 days. more details can be found via their site.


Hi there my names Stewart I’m an artist from the Scottish gamejam team tartan paint.

Our game is a top down hexagonal strategy game with a Greek theme. We spent the past week brainstorming gameplay and design. We have a very unconventional yet accessible play style and we`ll be going into more detail it in the upcoming days courtesy of our team leader

In the meantime, I’m going to show off some of the assets we managed to whip up on the first day of production.

base screen

This was one of the initial mockups to show the positioning of the user interface and how the playfield is composed.

health progress

The game involves you sending units toward an enemy base, and the health indicator is to be a statue which crumbles the more damage you do.

The typical Zeus pointing lightning worked well for a placeholder, but now we`re thinking about having an hourglass which could shatter and crack. We`ll be focusing more on user interface once the initial terrain is done.

tile tests

Speaking of which, here are some of my efforts today to try and get tiling paths to be modular and link seamlessly, it was not a fun procedure. The more decorative, straight roads were a real headache and in the end I did a patchy looking cobblestone road to better success. as far as environment art goes, getting the paths working was the biggest hurdle, and mostly from here out it`s just fun draw times. No more modular nightmares.

I got all the necessary tiles done for mountain/lava environments done today, and a start on the water ones as well.

water progress

And our resident coder got the terrain generation up and running. every time you load up the .swf file you end up with a new level.


That’s all for now! It’s been a long day for all of us so sorry for the scrambled and hurried post. Hope the gamejam goes well for everyone!


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